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Seo content

SEO text writing

SEO text – is your assistant in promoting website in TOP 10. Website creation is not only the correct design and technical characteristics, in order for your website to have success by taking first places in Google search you have to have a correct written SEO text.

SEO text has to be done by a specialized and experienced writer that has studied your website theme.

SEO text writing seems to many people an easy job, but starting to write the SEO text you can face three challenges:

  • First one is to actually – write. At the first sight to write a SEO text seems an easy job, but it is not always true, not every person can do it. To write a text you should have skills and let’s say talent. Not every person is born a writer.
  • Second challenge – SEO text has to be written strictly on the website theme and without unnecessary information. A correct written SEO text is a result of deep study of website and its products. These processes are necessary to create an informative and understandable SEO text for your potential clients. This is a hard job and it really takes time. It is better to hire experienced specialists for which text writing is a usual job and you can spend your precious time on other important tasks.
  • The third challenge and the most important one – is to write a correct SEO text. First of all you have to understand what SEO text means and how to write it in order for it to work. A correct decision would be to hire us, and we will write for you a correct SEO text that will promote your website.

We have a large experience in SEO text writing. Our most important works you can see in section – Our clients. You can familiarize with these websites, analyze their success and if you want to be on the first place in your website specification – call us.

New service from bureau of translation TRADUC
SEO – translation of websites

This is for now a new service in translations. Often, website owners do not understand or they are not explained the importance of correctly translated text for website in order for it to get promoted in top 10. For the website developers this is a clear term, to be promoted in TOP 10 you need a qualitative and unique content, SEO-translation of the text performed by bureau of translation TRADUC. This is a unique opportunity to promote your website in TOP 10, in preferred languages in order to receive new clients.